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Who has renewed? the club needs you more than ever.   1 comment

Written by Stephen (Member of
Well as we stand on the edge of a new season I thought I’d reopen the blog and ask is anyone thinking of renewing or has already done so? I live in Ireland so getting to Blues is a mammoth task for me, however I still managed 9 games last season and am hoping to go to more this season. I urge all Blues fans to renew this season, its more important now than it ever was as we need to keep the club afloat and debt free for a new buyer. Some of the revenue will hopefully go towards bringing back Ravel Morrison or Shane Ferguson, two players we would all love to see back in a Blues shirt.

A few of my friends in Brum have already renewed and one is doing so today. The club needs its hardcore base of fans to stand with the club despite its financial plight. A club in the black would look more promising to any potential buyer than one in the red. It stands to reason that season ticket holders are the life of any club and with Blues already fighting off the threat of people staying away and voting with their feet it would in the long run make the club look a terrible business proposition for any prospective buyer and this would be something none of us want. The more viable the club the more wealthier the buyer could be.

Member TaityRaveone on the forum said today

Who’s been and renewed? I have. Looking forward to the new season. Just waiting for the new kit to come out and I’ll be there supporting the lads.

It is a sentiment I think echoed across the hardcore of Blues support that they will keep going regardless and hope Yeung and Pannu sort their end out and the club is finally sold.

Its in everyones interests I think to move forward that we continue to support the club we love.


Pannu survives re-election   Leave a comment

Today Birmingham International Holdings held their AGM (May 10th 2013) and having already seen the PDF’s and posted them to Facebook and It would seem that Peter Pannu has been relected. One thing that is striking about the PDF’s released by BIH is that most of the Ordinary Resolutions were passed by a 92%…to 7% against majority. Something very odd about that or that someone with a major shareholders vote all went one way.

Mr. Peter Pannu as an executive director; For 92.89 % against 7.11% indeed Peter Pannu, Ma Shui Cheong, Cheung Kwai Nang and Carson Wong all received a vote of 92%.

It has to be said that whilst none of us will truly know the in and outs of the AGM or where the votes came from for each candidate. It would seem the main protagonists are truly protected at the top of the company and so any shift in power of BIH is not going to happen in the short term and therefore us Blues fans must hope that they sell the club.

The PDF’s can be viewed here

Pannu strikes back!   Leave a comment

Peter Pannu has struck back at local media groups in his attempts to clarify his and the clubs position.  In a strongly worded statement he’s said he’s rather disappointed that certain reports made last week by local reporters and media groups are quite inaccurate.  The reports which claimed that Pannu and Yeung had been involved in some “secret consultancy agreement”. Pannu has reaffirmed that legal advice had been sought regarding the agreement and confirmation of its validity. The previous board members had all constructive notices before the agreement was signed by Carson Yeung.  Pannu goes on to say “its absurd to suggest they were not aware of it”.

On the future of the club, He said “Carson is now in advanced discussions with a potential buyer from China, someone with the financial clout to take Blues back into the Premiership”.  Peter adds “I would have liked a buyer from the UK …..even a Bluenose but it would appear those UK parties are not as interested as they once were”.

Blues, FA Cup & Loans   1 comment


 by JK Cornwall (Member of

We’ve all been waiting for the arrival of one, two or even three loans from the start of the loan window.

We all know that the left side needs strengthening, if not strengthening it needs covering and nearly all Bluenoses are shouting for a striker.

I can understand ( i think) the reasons for waiting for the 93 day period. This would enable us to use our loan player until the end of the Play-off final, if we manage to get there. There’s no point getting them in beforehand then losing them when the Play-offs start. This year the Play-off final is on May 19th, therefore a sensible 93 day loan could have started from 16th February.

Trouble is, every man and his dog are after loan players, especially the ones we would all like to see at the club, so competition is high.

Rumour was that we did not need to sell Beausejour for financial reasons, so surely this money (however or whenever it is paid ) could go toward loan player payments. The consensus of opinion at the FORUM was that he probably wanted/asked to go and Pannu was happy to get him off the wage bill.

Giving Pannu the compliment of having a bit of business sense and keeping the Beausejour money spare in case the roof leaks, what about the FA Cup money ?, where’s it going/gone ?

The FA Cup money could of no way have been costed into the clubs finances for the fiscal calendar for the obvious ‘knocked out’ first time reasons.

Therefore the ‘EXTRA’ gross income from the FA cup, using Deloitte’s forecast off the FA’s website.

Figures used for calculation basis : tickets £20 , away team travel 30 staff x £1000 a head

GATE 14,594 x £20 = £291,880 -vat & away team travel = £213,233
45% to Blues = £95,955
TV MONEY £123,500
TOTAL = £ 219,455

GATE 10,153 x £20 = £203,060 -vat & away team travel = £139,216
42.5% to Blues = £59,166
TV MONEY £62,000
PRIZE MONEY = £67,500
TOTAL = £ 188,666

GATE 18,072 x £20 = £361,440 -vat & away team travel = £271,200
45% to Blues = £122,040
PRIZE MONEY = £90,000
TOTAL = £ 212,040

GATE 36,870 X £20 = £737,400 -vat & away team travel = £584,500
45% to Blues = £263,025
TV MONEY £212,000
TOTAL = £ 475,025

GATE 20,000 X £20 = £400,000 -vat & away team travel = £303,333
42.5% to Blues = £128,916
TV MONEY £ 106,000
TOTAL = £ 234,916

TOTAL SO FAR = £1,330,102 extra gross

We only have 13 weeks left till Play-offs so we can afford to pay 3 players £34,105 a week each ( + £7 into the leaky roof pot)

Come on Mr Pannu , get your cheque book out.


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