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Who has renewed? the club needs you more than ever.   1 comment

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Well as we stand on the edge of a new season I thought I’d reopen the blog and ask is anyone thinking of renewing or has already done so? I live in Ireland so getting to Blues is a mammoth task for me, however I still managed 9 games last season and am hoping to go to more this season. I urge all Blues fans to renew this season, its more important now than it ever was as we need to keep the club afloat and debt free for a new buyer. Some of the revenue will hopefully go towards bringing back Ravel Morrison or Shane Ferguson, two players we would all love to see back in a Blues shirt.

A few of my friends in Brum have already renewed and one is doing so today. The club needs its hardcore base of fans to stand with the club despite its financial plight. A club in the black would look more promising to any potential buyer than one in the red. It stands to reason that season ticket holders are the life of any club and with Blues already fighting off the threat of people staying away and voting with their feet it would in the long run make the club look a terrible business proposition for any prospective buyer and this would be something none of us want. The more viable the club the more wealthier the buyer could be.

Member TaityRaveone on the forum said today

Who’s been and renewed? I have. Looking forward to the new season. Just waiting for the new kit to come out and I’ll be there supporting the lads.

It is a sentiment I think echoed across the hardcore of Blues support that they will keep going regardless and hope Yeung and Pannu sort their end out and the club is finally sold.

Its in everyones interests I think to move forward that we continue to support the club we love.


Pre-Season Fixtures Announced   Leave a comment

Birmingham City have today announced a couple of pre-season fixtures. A Blues side will travel to The Impact Arena on Saturday 6 July (3pm kick-off) to take on Alfreton Town. The Derbyshire-based side finished 13th in this season’s Blue Square Bet Premier.images

next up and Blues go to Greenhous Meadow to face Shrewsbury Town on Tuesday 23 July (7.45pm). The Shrews faced a battle to stay in League one but thankfully it was achieved with a few games to spare. the following day a development squad will face Blue Square Bet North outfit Solihull Moors at Damson Park on Wednesday 24 July (7.30pm).

Hughton Speaking! P-12 and Counting   1 comment

(P = Promotion, Play-offs or Perpetual championship

(depending on the depths of your Partisan beliefs)

On Tuesday night, Chris Hughton‘s (not so mighty at the moment) Blues are off to the King Power Stadium to take on Leicester City

This is one fixture I’m really not looking forward to, yet another East Midlands team but this time , on paper, the strongest East Midland side. We’ve only taken 2 points from the last 3 East Midland’s sides lately when most Bluenoses presumed it was going to be 9.

This will be Blues’ 49th game of the season.

In their last 6 matches they have taken 9 points ( won 3, lost 3 ). In their last 6 home matches they have also taken 9 points ( won 2, drew 3, lost 1). They come into this game on the back of a 3 – 1 defeat away defeat to Reading.

Blues in the league have also taken 9 points from our last 6 (won 2, drew 3, lost 1).In our last 6 away games we have taken 11 ( won 3, drew 2, lost 1). Blues have only lost 1 of our last 15 league games, let’s hope we can make it 16. Blues come into this fixture on the back of what felt like a 2- 2 ‘loss’ to Forest.

This fixture will hopefully be a kick-start to Blues, there should be no apathy in the side, this fixture is definitely not a forgone conclusion. Let’s hope Chris Hughton does ‘tinker with the side‘ this week and tinker us back to the team that beat Barnsley 3 – 1, the undefeated winning side we started to take for granted.

The FORUM this week have divided opinions, with some Bluenoses even predicting a 2 – 1 defeat. I can understand their reasoning but I just can’t bring myself to write it.

This is only a look at the current form for both sides for a more in-depth look at the fixture see the match preview.

BLUES 2 – Leicester City 1


…By JKCornwall (member of

Match Preview-Leicester City v Birmingham City   1 comment

Leicester City and Birmingham City play each other on Tuesday in what looks to be a vital must win game for both teams after they dropped points in each of their last two games .Leicester City will be looking to kick-start the last quarter of their season and close in on a play-off place with a win that would narrow the gap with their Midlands rivals .Birmingham City who dropped out of the play-offs at the weekend after managing only a draw with Coventry City at the Ricoh will be looking for much better after a disappointing run of results that has seen them only pick up 2 points from a possible 9 in their last 3 games .It could be an open game with both defences finding it hard to keep clean sheets of late so their could be a few goals for the fans to feast on under the floodlights of the King Power Stadium

Leicester City Boss Nigel Pearson will want to keep up the teams good home form at present and make it 5 unbeaten from last 5 at home and help the club close in on the play-offs .It looks very likely that Pearson will wield  the axe on a few players after a disappointing display against Reading at the weekend in which he watched his team suffer a second away defeat in their last 2 games.

Pearson speaking after the defeat said
“The first half wasn’t good enough, our application wasn’t right and subsequently I will make changes,”

The Foxes boss could welcome back Paul Gallagher after injury but will still be missing Paul Konchesky who will be serving his last game suspension.

Birmingham City meanwhile will have David Murphy and Stephen Carr still out sidelined through injury and Jordan Mutch suspended after his sending off against Coventry City at the weekend otherwise the Blues boss Chris Hughton has a fully fit squad to pick from and will be looking for an improved performance and 3 points from his Play-off chasing team.

“I’m not going to lie, the last three league games have been disappointing,” said King.

“But there’s no-one in that dressing room who is down or upset about it.

“We know we have got to get back to the drawing board, work hard and get back to where we were.

Stats Head to Head : @ Leicester

Leicester City won 33… Birmingham City won 18… Drawn …12

Possible teams :

Leicester City : Schmeichel; Peltier, Morgan, St. Ledger, Kennedy, Gallagher , Danns, Wellens (c), Dyer; Beckford, Nugent.

Birmingham City : Myhill, Ramage, Caldwell, Davies, Spector, Burke, N’Daw, Fahey, Townsend, Zigic, King.

Referee : Mick Russell

Prediction : Leicester City 2 Birmingham City 2

By Blues Brother (Member of

Hughton Speaking! P-13 and Counting   2 comments

(P = Promotion, Play-offs or Perpetual championship

depending on the depths of your Partisan beliefs)

On Saturday, Chris Hughton‘s Blue & White Army will be heading to the Ricoh Arena to tests their wits against Coventry City.

Hopefully this will be the start of another undefeated run in the league,we certainly need it to be if we are to keep our promotion hopes alive.

Be a lot happier if Elliott, Murphy, N’Daw start – injuries permitting

The worrying thing is that this is another East Midlands club who are having a struggling year and seem to fit the criteria of the teams we have been gifting points to lately.

This will be Blues’ 48th game of the season.

In their last 6 matches they have taken 7 points ( won 2,lost 3,drew 1 ). In their last 6 home matches they have taken a very admirable 13 points ( won 4, drew 1, lost 1). They start the match on the back of a creditable 1-1 home draw against Crystal Palace.

Blues in the league have taken 9 points from our last 6 (won 2, drew 3, lost 1).In our last 6 Away games we have taken 10 points ( won 3, drew 1, lost 2). Blues are on a run of just one defeat in the last 13 league games, let’s hope we can keep it to one in 14.

The run in to promotion is still very much alive and we have had some nice results go our way whilst playing in the FA Cup.

The FORUM feels Coventry will be the start of our revival and this will be 3 points to Blues.

BLUES 3 – Coventry 1 (maybe)


… by JK Cornwall (Member of

Memories from the “D”Club At St Andrews   6 comments

My Dad on the left and Me on the right.......St Andrews

I was one of the early members of the ‘D’ Club, within St Andrews. I can’t for the life of me remember when I first joined, but it must have been in the late 60s or very early 70s, as I worked in Corporation Street in those days, and as the club opened at lunch times, midweek, I used to go in for lunch. Des Blee, was the manager and a very good job he made of it. I still mouth water at the thought of those crackling good, Hot Roast Pork Sandwiches. Yummy, Yummy.

It was dark in ‘D’ Club, with no windows and half way down the bar there was a low step. We used to call it the strangers step, because the regulars knew it was there. Strangers nearly always stumbled. We sold quite a few extra pints that way and it always kept us amused. After games, you could also guarantee quite a few players of both teams would come in for a pint or two. I met and chatted to many of the players of the late 60s and 70s. It was really good banter. Managers came in too. I had many chats with Sir Alf Ramsey, Jim Smith and Freddie Goodwin the list goes on and on. There was, and I suppose still is a tunnel under the stand that runs from the old players changing rooms, and up to the centre tunnel. A door off this leads into the back of the club. Another nice thing about the “D” Club was that in addition to the current players using the club was we also had players of yesteryear in there too. I met and also chatted to players such as Gil Merrick, Joe Bradford, Ambrose Mulraney and Bertie Auld to name just a few, also most of us remember the visit of Cassius Clay to St Andrews. Well he came into the  “D” Club aswell. He shook hands with us all. Me included, what an honour.

We had a sort of reciprocal agreement with the opposition clubs, where they had a private club within their clubs, whereby their fans were allowed into our club, and we in theirs. Not once did I ever see any trouble. There was only one team that we never allowed into our “D” Club and yes you can guess who that is, SOTV.

Away Travel. In those days alcohol was allowed on the coaches and we always ran our own coach to away games. One game at Crystal Palace was very funny. We arrived well totted up, and straight into their Glaziers Club we went. It was very full when we got in there and we spotted a table in the middle of the room which was empty. Three of us (I will mention no names) made a bee line for it and sat down. The fourth guy had gone to the bar. The table was one of those circular metal topped ones with a central column underneath which was held by a nut and bolt arrangement. We soon found out why this table was empty. It was their equivalent of our ‘D’ Clubs strangers step. The fixing was faulty, and the table top kept going round in circles and it wasn’t level either. As I said, we had, had a few on our way down there, and after a few more, we hadn’t a clue whose drink was whose as the table. The table was going round and round and up and down. It was hilarious. The Palace fans were in stitches. We are Brummies though and finished our drinks. Haven’t got a clue what the result was.

Back to the “D” Club. We went to most of the England Internationals at the Old Wembley. This is where on one game I made my claim to fame. The match was England v Brazil. I’ll explain.

Part of the old Wembley Complex was a hotel, that the FA always took over on International games. On the first floor was a long room, which with sliding doors could be divided into three.. England in one. The away team in another and Blues nearly always in the third one. We always assumed this was because of Jack Wiseman‘s influence in the FA. Dinner was always served at these games sometimes after the games and sometimes before, together with wine etc;  This particular game was on a Wednesday night, I seem to remember. After the dinner I went to relieve myself in the gents. When I got in there , there were two of our members occupying two of the three stalls, leaving the centre one empty. So of course I went to that one. The two guys left, and then someone came and stood on my left. I couldn’t believe it. It was Mick Mills the England left back. Seconds later another figure appeared on my right. I nearly had an accident as I wasn’t finished. There stood no my right was no less a figure than Rivelino, the Brazilian. That’s my claim to fame. Having a pee standing between Mick Mills and Rivelino. Two of the most famous footballers at the time. That’s something to tell my grandchildren.

Another international that we went to, I nearly got left behind. The game was another Wednesday game against Denmark. It was called off through fog. We always went into the bar before the game and with drinks on the coach, a few of us had sunk a few already. As usual the dinner was booked for after the game, so we had a long time to wait with the postponement. Plus the coach wasn’t booked to take us home until later either. So you can guess the rest. Nothing else to do but wait in the bar. Enough Said! Now, after a few drinks, like a lot of people I am more than capable of dozing off. Alcohol seems to do that to me. This night was no exception. After dinner I wandered off to the gents, and put the engaged up in one of the cubicles. I don’t remember anything else. Apparently about an hour later I heard a lot of shouting and banging on doors and my name being called. The coach was waiting, and luckily there had been a head count. I wasn’t the only one. Two other guys had dozed off somewhere as well. Not with me I hasten to add.

Another funny incident i recall, was on a Saturday game, where we had stayed overnight in London, and on the Sunday morning we had been to Petticoat Lane Market. On the coach coming home, one of the guys was pleased with himself. He was showing us what he thought was a bargain he had bought, or rather two bargains. He had seen a stall selling grey flannel trousers at £2 a pair. He went behind a screen and tried both pairs on. Satisfied he bought them. The stall holder wrapped them up there and then in front of him. This guy proceeded to unwrap his parcel, and to his horror, amid loud laughter he held up two pairs of trousers with one grey leg and one brown leg on each pair. He was shocked. “I saw him wrap them up in front of me. How did he do that”? he said. What’s always puzzled me about that is how can a so-called seamstress sew one brown leg and one grey leg together without noticing that they are odd? Also, I wonder how many more pairs the dealer had got and also sold.

Happy days.

The ‘D’ Club stopped later though, because they moved it over to a room under the Kop. It wasn’t the same and it gradually fizzled out. That was a shame, but the memories were priceless, i hope you enjoyed them.

If you have any memories about the ‘D’ Club or might know someone who does then please let me know by leaving your stories and thoughts in the comments below.


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Birmingham City New Loan Signings pt2….Andros Townsend   1 comment

Loan singing number 2 was Striker/Winger Andros Darryl Townsend from Tottenham Hotspur again until the end of the season .

Andros 20 born in Leytonstone London on 16th July 1991 came through the academy ranks at Tottenham who he joined at the age of 9.

At the age of 10 he had to deal with tragic loss of his 18 year old footballing brother Kurtis who lost his life in a car accident on his way to a game and that has been the spur for him to go on to make it himself in the professional game.

Andros Townsend - Birmingham City

He turned Pro with Tottenham in 2009 and was sent out on loan to Yeovil Town where he played 10 games in the 2008/09 season.

The following 2009/10 season he went on loan again this time to Tottenham near neighbours Leyton Orient initially for a month but later extended until 31st December playing 26 games before moving on to Milton Keynes Dons in the January transfer window but he only played 9 games before being recalled by injury hit Tottenham as cover .

In 2010/11 Andros was again allowed to go out on loan but this its was a step up to the next level and Championship football at Ipswich Town on a season long deal but once again after only making 16 appearances he was recalled by Tottenham and made his debut in the 3rd round FA Cup game at home to Charlton Athletic where he scored his first Senior Goal for Tottenham and was awarded Man Of The Match.

But once again Tottenham decided 2 weeks after His first senior appearance that they would send him back out on loan this time destination Watford until the end of the season . This ended prematurely with Watford terminating the deal after only 3 games and he spent the remainder of the season at Millwall instead playing 13 times.

For the season 2011/12 Andros return to Tottenham and featured for them in their Uefa Cup campaign playing 6 times and being linked with a move to QPR before signing a new 5 year deal with Tottenham until 2016.

In January 2012 he joined Simon Grayson’s Leeds United in what was a deal until the end of the season only for another loan deal to turn sour with the sacking of Grayson on Feb 1st and bringing in Neil Warnock to replace him Andros and Tottenham terminated the deal on 23rd of Feb and the following day he joined Chris Hughton’s Birmingham City for the remainder of the season.

Andros is Patron of the Charity Olivia’s Vision a charity that raise’s awareness of the disease called uveitis, a disease that sufferers can become blind, click picture for the Olivia’s Vision website.

Chris Hughton on Andros Townsend

“He’s a player that I’ve known for a long time,” said Hughton.

“Having lost both Jean Beausejour and Liam Ridgewell from that left hand side it left us two players short from the squad and it was very important that we replaced them with that type of quality. I believe we’ve done that in terms of Andros.

“He’s a left winger and will be an offensive player and with Chris Burke playing on one side and Andros on the other it certainly gives us more of an attacking threat.”

“He played very well against us at Leeds a few weeks ago,” added Hughton.

“We wanted to bring in good players and once we knew there might be a possibility of getting Andros in then it was one we didn’t hesitate with.

“Jean was a player that did a good job for us on that left hand side but had an offensive threat. I see Andros as a straight replacement for him.”

…by blues brother (Member of
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