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I was one of the 400 or so fans last night that made the trip to turf moor. I go to most blues games and usually take the defeats with the wins on the chin, I’m a Bluenose I have to.

I dont usually moan or write about the club but in this instance i feel i need to vent my spleen. Firstly I’m not going to rake over the ownership issue as its been flogged to death but instead focus on the wisdom of Lee Clark. At the tail end of last season blues finished with a flourish with good refreshing football that even had me sitting up and taking notice. Throughout any season you are always going to get wins and defeats that your team doesn’t deserve, that’s football. However last night Blues were back to their old habits of last year when we’d let teams score 2 or 3 before even getting into the game, this season in the main on the way home from most matches I’ve had to stomach Lee Clark giving it the “we didn’t deserve this defeat”. Its become the main theme of all his post match interviews and pre-match program notes, whats sad about these statements in general is the man saying it believes it to be true. Its depressing to listen to or read. Lee Clark might one day become a good manager but it wont be at Birmingham as he seems to have a single tracked mind that his way is better and that’s the end of it.
On the whole Saturday against QPR Blues played well and i fully expected a good performance vs Burnley. Blues were without Paul Robinson but even so i believe Blues to have players that are capable of filling his boots and some. Clark decided that he’d change the system and brought back Ambrose, all good you may think but the team looked like they hadn’t got a clue and Burnley won the games inside three minutes. I had travelled a round 250 miles to watch my team take on a team that was unbeaten at home. No disrespect to Burnley here but I believe Blues to have more than enough talent to go and give Burnley a game, not to be hanging on by their boot laces and chasing shadows.

so to my point of this whole thing, Lee Clark… a manager who I think doesn’t seem to have any worries about the opposition and all he seems to care about is continually swapping and changing our shape and system from his beloved 3-5-2 wing back spouting off crap nonsense he raves about to last nights shambolic attempt at 4-3-3. I wont single out players but when you are continually losing 1-0 or by the odd goal and not scoring but missing chances i think we can all guess where the problem is… upfront. I for one want to see our best team and our best players in a system that fits the players we have at the club, not try and devise some system that players cant or won’t play in. I am almost certain and convinced some of the strange systems he’s tried is to accommodate certain players> he seems unable to grasp certain things staring at him in the face with certain players who have continually been unable to 1) create anything of note or 2) put the ball in the net.
I for one would like to see us get back to what worked last season and bring back certain players that didn’t let us down last season and for god sake drop the fancy formations and pay more attention to the opposition and return to the 4-5-1 and 4-4-2 before we are to far adrift.

all the games previously according to Clark we didn’t get what we deserved, but apparently we did last night?? the mind truly boggles.

by MrToaster (Andy M) from the

Birmingham City


Posted September 18, 2013 by Birmingham City Fans Forum in Birmingham City News

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