Pannu survives re-election   Leave a comment

Today Birmingham International Holdings held their AGM (May 10th 2013) and having already seen the PDF’s and posted them to Facebook and It would seem that Peter Pannu has been relected. One thing that is striking about the PDF’s released by BIH is that most of the Ordinary Resolutions were passed by a 92%…to 7% against majority. Something very odd about that or that someone with a major shareholders vote all went one way.

Mr. Peter Pannu as an executive director; For 92.89 % against 7.11% indeed Peter Pannu, Ma Shui Cheong, Cheung Kwai Nang and Carson Wong all received a vote of 92%.

It has to be said that whilst none of us will truly know the in and outs of the AGM or where the votes came from for each candidate. It would seem the main protagonists are truly protected at the top of the company and so any shift in power of BIH is not going to happen in the short term and therefore us Blues fans must hope that they sell the club.

The PDF’s can be viewed here


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