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Blues again went down by another three goals this evening as again they failed to make any impression in front of the TV cameras.  9 games now without a win in front of the cameras and with games to come against Middlesbrough and Wolves ON TV in the next 3 games you have to fear the worse.


24th Nov 2012 A vs Derby (Championship live on Sky Sprts) Lost 3-2

22nd Sept 2012 H vs Barnsley (Championship live on Sky Sprts) Lost 0-5
25th Aug 2012 A Vs Watford (Championship Live on Sky Sports) Lost 2-0
09th May 2012 H vs Blackpool (Play Offs 2nd Leg) Sky Sports Draw 2-2
04th May 2012 A vs Blackpool (play offs 1st Leg) Sky Sports Lost 1-0
09th April 2012 A vs West Ham Sky Sports Draw 3-3
06th March 2012 H Vs Chelsea FA Cup Replay Lost 0-2 ITV
18th February 2012 A Vs Chelsea FA Cup Draw 1-1 EPSN
04th February 2012 H vs Southampton Draw 0-0 In the Snow, Sky Sports
18th Jan 20212 A Vs Wolves won 0-1 ITV
07th Jan 2012 H Vs Wolves Draw 0-0 Sky Sports
26th Dec 2011 H vs West Ham Draw 1-1 Sky Sports
19th Dec 2011 A Vs Crystal Palace Lost 1-0 Sky Sports
15th Dec 2011 H Vs Maribor Result Won 1-0 Channel ITV4
30th NOV 2011 A Vs Braga Result Lost 1-0 Channel ITV4
04th NOV 2011 H vs Club Brugge result draw 2-2 Channel ITV4
20th OCT 2011 A Vs Club Brugge Result Win 1-2 Channel ESPN Classic
16th OCT 2011 H Vs Leicester Result Win 2-0 Channel BBC1
29th Sept 2011 A Vs Maribor Result Win 1-2 Channel ESPN Classic
27th Feb 2011 Wembley Vs Arsenal Result Win 2-1 Channel BBC1 /Sky Sports #bcfc



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