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Bluenoses have had their fair share of disasters over the years and we are probably better equipped than any other set of fans when it comes to coping and keeping our dignity when things go wrong.  The present situation we find ourselves in is even for us something we could never of dreamed of in our worst nightmares.  The biggest problem is that we have very little information on what is actually going on and more importantly what the outcome will be.

OK so what do we know?? some of the below is speculation and some is fact.

Carson Yueng has been given eight weeks to vacate the property or to pay off the HK$50million principal debt (circa £4.2mil), as well as the interest which has now accrued to an astonishing HK$38million (circa £3.2mil).

He is in court after been arrested for and charged with 5 counts of “dealing with property known or believed to represent proceeds of indictable offence” under section 25(1) and (3) of the Organized and Serious Crimes Ordinance.

It looks like the above and any following cases will be going on for most of next season and there is nothing we can do except sit and wait and hope that our club is not destroyed from within without us even knowing.

Directors of Birmingham International Holdings Limited are leaving what appears from the outside is a sinking ship.

The club has also not produced its accounts and as a result of this we have a transfer embargo and also a threat of points been deducted, at to just top it off we probably won’t have a manager very soon if the bookies are to be believed.

There is talk of shares moving hands and possible takeover from a company in China, but don’t get to excited this is Birmingham City.

So as Bluenose’s we understand that we have to wait and see what the outcome will be from the above and have to search for this information ourselves as the media really don’t consider this a story. haha. The bit that really scares us is the fact that we are told nothing and for all we know once it is over they may have taken everything out of the club including the kitchen sinks.

So what can we do?  We can turn to our governing body and the protectors of football in this country… the FA.

So this is what we did and we asked for there help and below is the reply we received.

Thank you for your email. All Football League clubs are companies incorporated under English Law. The Football League has no jurisdiction over those companies (or their owners) save where it relates to the participation in our competitions. The directors of those Clubs ‘run’ those Clubs and when doing so owe statutory duties to the Club itself and in some respects those duties also take into account the interests of the Club’s shareholders.

However, what The League provides is a national membership organisation and administers competitions within which the member clubs participate, and it is these Clubs that make up the ‘membership’ of The League. It is UK company law which controls what owners/clubs must and must not do following appointment.

We would point out that from 2012/13, League regulations specify that each club should have a nominated representative to act in a supporter liaison officer role, which may assist with a point of contact for any issues supporters wish to raise. For any further clarification we would recommend you contact the club directly.

Thank you for contacting The Football League.


****** *******
Customer Services Officer
The Football League Limited
Email –

The Football League Ltd. Registered Office – Edward VII Quay, Navigation Way, Preston PR2 2YF.  Registered No: 80612.  Tel:             0844 463 1888      . Fax: 0844 826 5188.
London Office – 30 Gloucester Place, London, W1U 8FL.  Tel:             0844 826 3099

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Well what did you expect…. thanks for nothing…

If you want to tweet or email them then please fill your blue boots.

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