Birmingham City – What’s Gone Wrong?   4 comments

Chris Hughton and Co showing off manager of the month award

What’s Gone Wrong?

So with that thought in mind is it really asking too much to expect at least a play-off place this season? The team has already proved they can match most if not all in this league when they went on a 15 game unbeaten run and remained unbeaten at home until recently or is it just wishful thinking?

We all know that teams go through a bad period during a season and this maybe ours, but to be honest I am really disappointed with the last few results. We have now only picked up 2pts from a possible 12pts in our last 4 league games since that unbeaten run. The biggest disappointment for me is the teams we have dropped points to and also the performance of the team in these games and the fact it is against teams that were struggling at the time we played them. In fact it was teams that even their own fans could not see where their next points were coming from.

Nottingham Forest came 1st they only picked up 5pts from a possible 24pts before playing us. They came to St Andrews and were by far the better team on the day going away with a 2-1 win.

Next came Derby County who had only picked up 2pts from previous 21pts.  They had not scored in 7hrs of football until they came to St Andrews and they came back from 2-0 down to get a draw and a deserved point.

Then comes Coventry City, they had only picked up 7pts from a possible 27pts. Once again you would expect Birmingham City to be favourites but NO! The best we could do was manage a poor point.

Then last night we played another game against Leicester City which on paper you would expect us to at least get a point. We all know the result of this match so i won’t even mention it.

Now whilst I agree with the line “you have no divine right to win a game” the least I would have expected from the 4 games would have been 6pts. Now I wouldn’t have thought that was an unrealistic expectation so what has gone wrong?

I can always accept a defeat against any team but what has been the biggest disappointment in those games is the way the team has performed and I just don’t know what the problem is. Confidence should be High after reaching a play-off position. Have the New additions disrupted the team?  Injuries? We actually haven’t had many injuries apart from the odd one or two. Then what about the unnecessary changes when players do perform well like Gomis and Rooney did against Barnsley. They must be very disappointed when they get dropped. Or is it just as simple as Players getting complacent and over-confident, which could mean they have stopped working for the results?

All I know is whatever the problem is the players need to start performing as a team again and this needs to start happening on Saturday vs Middlesbrough. It’s a must win game for me otherwise I think they can say goodbye to any hope of the play-offs which would be a very disappointing end to a good season. A season that I never expected to be this good after what we went through and I can say has made me a very proud Bluenose.

We are still well in touch with the top 6, in fact we have a game in hand on some and with 5 of the top 6 still to play things might not be as bad as the last few results have made things feel. But now is the time for the players to look at each other and say am I giving it my all, can I do better. Finally Chris Hughton must decide on his best starting 11 and give them a run of games so we can finish the season on a high.

Chris Hughton said     “But there can be no denying we have not been great in the last few games, and we need to get back to winning ways as soon as possible – whether that’s with a scrappy 1-0 win or something more emphatic.”

So Come on Blues Lets get things back on track and not finish this season with a whimper.


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4 responses to “Birmingham City – What’s Gone Wrong?

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  1. we just aint good enough.

  2. I have to agree kev and i don’t have any confidence it is going to get any better either.. But i love it when i get proved wrong…KRO

  3. It’s as I’ve been saying for several weeks now. We are missing our two regular full backs, bombing down the wings. Our slump, if you can call it that coincided with them both missing. I think it’s as simple as that.

    Plus of course. The stability has gone from the back four, which was definitaly one of our strong points before that. KRO.

  4. i got insider knowledge about why i think its gone wrong here goes, hughton was tol last transfer window he had to let 2 players go and could bring four in, exit beau and ridge which should have been zig n ridge if zig was fit, anyhow the four replacments didnt arrive for quite a while and when they did they were not players you would need to strenghten a team but a mixed average bag, i think chris may have felt cheated and got the 5h1t end of the stick

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