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by JK Cornwall (Member of birminghamcityforum.co.uk)

Blues are off to play in the FA cup at the weekend so I thought i’d have a look for some build up to the game.

First point of call was obviously the FORUM and from there went on to my Newsnow page which is already filtered for Blues and anything related to Birmingham City FC.

Half way down the page of various Blues articles I found this article:Chelsea vs. Birmingham: Predicting the Blues’ Starting XI for FA Cup 5th round.
I thought that’ll be good see who they think will or wont be playing and probably what formation we will go for.
To my dismay the link on the Birmingham City page that read Chelsea vs. Birmingham: Predicting the Blues’ Starting XI for FA Cup 5th was a link to a site talking about the Pensioners of Chelsea and nothing to do with Blues whatsoever.

I am fed up with football teams being referred to as Blues, it is after all lazy journalism, where to add some creativity to their work they start referring to all clubs that play in blue as Blues.
If they bothered to do a slight bit of research they will find there is only one Blues and that is Birmingham City, Our Blues.

The word BLUES is a nickname which is a noun, when lazy journalist use the term ‘the Blues’ it is as an adjective.
nickname – NOUN.
1. A descriptive NAME added to or replacing the actual name of a person, place, or thing.
2. A familiar or shortened form of a proper name.
Adjective – A word or phrase naming an attribute, added to or grammatically related to a noun to modify or describe it.

I decided to do a bit of research on behalf of all the lazy journos and try to prove my point.

Done a search on wiki for “football teams called blues” and to my horror there were seven,so I’ve listed them.
Blues Birmingham City.
Blues Chelsea.
Blues Chester.
Blues Everton.
Blues Ipswich Town.
Blues Shrewsbury Town.
Blues Southend United.
I clicked each page and had a look and these are the results of my findings.

Chelsea Football Club has been affiliated with the Chelsea
Pensioners for many years; the club’s first nickname was the
Pensioners and until the 1950s the club crest featured a Chelsea pensioner.

Chester City: The 1968–69 season saw Chester change to an all sky blue kit,
which remained for four years, before then every colour but blue. Their games
were played at Sealand Park and therefore they were referred to as ‘The Seals’.

Everton have been based at their current home ground, Goodison Park, since 1892.
Everton’s most widely recognised nickname is “Toffees” or “Toffeemen”,
which came about after Everton had moved to Goodison.

Shrewsbury Town – wait for it – The Shrews, previously known as salop also
described as the blues.

Southend utd – southend on sea, shrimpers , also described as The blues

Ipswich – were originally known as ‘The town’ and have also been described as The Blues.The origin of the nickname ‘Tractor Boys’ first appeared at a losing away game at Birmingham City late in the 1998–99season, with the home fans chanting “no noise from the Tractor Boys”, a name which stuck.
Ipswich probably also wanted to use Blues as a nickname but because we felt sorry for them and they were not worthy of OUR name, we made one up for them.

If that wasn’t enough proof wiki also contradicted itself with all the crests and badges, because the only team that has a nickname (NOUN) of Blues is BLUES, the rest are referred to as an adjective i.e. The Blues.


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