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From day one it seems that problems have followed Carson Yeung in whatever he as tried to do or has done at Birmingham City .

First of all we had the failed total buyout of the club back in 2007, when he purchased 29.9% of the shares and was all set to complete the deal by the end of the 2007/08 season, only for things to turn sour with Birmingham City being relegated from the premier league and so facing a drop in revenue for the 2008/09 season. Once in the championship the total buyout failed to materialise .

A lot of speculation and accusations followed from Fans , Owners D GoldD Sullivan and media as to whether he really had the money or not .
My own take on it was that he did have the money/backing and wasn’t going to proceed with the purchase if he wasn’t going to be getting any return on the transaction ,why should he?

So for me the sensible thing was done, he put the purchase on hold and therefore sharing the problems and financial burden with D Gold and D Sullivan. As he was already the majority share holder he wasn’t going to lose anything by sitting tight for a season .

We had to endure a full season of accusations and counter-accusations from Carson Yeung and co and D Sullivan which were really damaging the club on the inside.

From a fans point of view it was a case of who was in the right and who should we believe, the old stalwart, who had done the club proud since taking the reigns in 1992, had seemed to have lost interest in the club and the New Chinese shareholder, who seemed to want to turn us into the next Man Utd and looked like the person to take us to the next level .

All was to be cleared up come the end of the 2008/09 season with promotion back to the premier league. Carson Yeung put in a new bid which for many seemed way over the odds but with premier league football back St Andrews could be recouped easily .

D Sullivan / D Gold  finally departed august 2009, the reigns were finally Carson Yeung’s and a new era began for Birmingham City. His first problem was not far away, he made the mistake of doing a press conference whilst not having a decent understanding of how the media in the UK work and their ability to make 2+2 = 5 , Yeung stated that he was going to invest £40mill in the summer and another £40mill January, which I’m convinced was a statement that got lost in translation but pounced on nevertheless by the watching press.  Many a desperate Bluenose also wanted to believe it to be true, many not realising that its was to include wages . In fact, the £40 mill budget in the summer did materialise.It was for players, wages and fees just like Carson (so he thought) had said.

The 2009/2010 season, which was to be  something of a success on the pitch and off it for Bluenoses , ended with the club’s highest finish (9th).

Money was being spent on players we could have only dreamed of signing in previous years, all looked rosy for the house of Yeung, onwards and upwards it looked like things had finally turned in our favour .

Despite all this there was still that element of doubt from some corners about Carson Yeung’s finances and his capabilities to run the club, mainly coming from the media, who hate the feeling of not knowing anything about somebody, it just doesn’t sit well with the British journalist, so in the end they revert to stirring .

Some fans began to think the media were right, does Carson have money?, we know he has got the contacts but people were not sure if he had the cash personally.

I think he did have the cash and the cash from other backers to keep us moving forward into the 2010/2011 season.

With new hope and new purpose fans started to return, money was again being spent on the team and all looked to be going well, so well in fact that we reached the Carling Cup final, then the unthinkable, we won it. The season then took a downward turn, relegation loomed, then occurred, something I was dreading, not the fact of getting relegated, more for the fact that the last time we were relegated Carson and Co backed out of the total takeover and I could see only bad things ahead. I believed that relegation would mean money wasn’t going to be invested on the playing side, purse string were going to be tightened and generally the club would struggle. I could see that for the Chinese, 2nd best isn’t something they invest in and that is where we found ourselves.

Worse was to come with the arrest of Carson Yeung on money laundering charges, something I’m not convinced he is guilty of, we will find out soon and all will become clear. When you delve into the shareholder list, many are banks there are also small and big companies based both in china and Hong Kong, I appreciate some are minor but shareholders nevertheless.

Now ive asked myself, would they invest in somebody or a company that was in such a bad way that they would not get their money back, maybe, but doubtful, surely they would have sold their shares once things started to go as bad as some reports suggested, some of these reports were before the shares were suspended .

The 2nd biggest shareholder in the club is a very wealthy person/company, would they really risk millions if they felt they were not going to get it back or at least a return on it.

I would say Carson Yeung as been very naïve, he has yet to be found guilty.

Does Carson Yeung care ?
I would say YES

Have fans been a bit harsh on Him ?
again I would say YES simply because of his naivety

Has Carson Yeung ever been given a real chance ?
Not sure he has by some sections

Do I believe Carson is not alone ? 
YES I believe we do have a silent player/s with Carson at the head

Do I like the way the club is silent on matters ?
NO but from what ive seen and heard the Chinese have never been the best at keeping people informed on what is really going on.
Would Carson Yeung spent money on players if these charges were not hanging over him ?
Not sure he would have.

Am I worried about the future finances of the club with Carson Yeung’s pending court case ? 
Not at the moment there are a lot of people like ive said who stand to lose a lot of money if things turned sour would they let it get to the stage where all was lost no way would they


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  1. excellent read hoots, a real different perspective…..


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