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Wolves sack their manager Mick McCarthy and suddenly everyone is clamouring for the messiah Chris Hughton to take over at the Molineux. Chris Hughton would be plain crazy or nuts to take over at the custard factory. Blues are flying high in the Championship with every hope of being in the Premiership next season and still in the FA Cup at the expense of Wolves.

Whilst over at the famous Wolves and I use the term lightly, when was the last time they won anything? They are in free fall back to the Championship, a league they could have been in this season if it wasn’t for the inept managerial skills of Alex Mcleish. Let’s be honest here if Blues were in the Premiership now, Chris Hughtons name wouldn’t even be being banded around as a possible replacement for Mick McCarthy.

Chris Hughton has miraculously turned things around for the Blues and as he did with Newcastle looks set for another stint in the Premiership. Wolves on the other hand have just been walloped by their neighbours the Baggies and can’t buy a win. With an appointment needed to be made in the two week window before their next game against Newcastle, Wolves are desperate to get their man in and give him time to sort out a team sheet and plan for the remaining 13 games left to save them from certain relegation. Chris Hughton on the other hand would be well reminded that a certain Mr Redknapp is currently on England’s radar for the job and that could leave the door open for Hughton to go south to the club he played for 13 years and was assistant manager for 10 years.

Currently odds on Blues being promoted are a lot shorter than Hughton going over to the custard bowl

Next Wolves manager, Chris Hughton?



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