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A storm is brewing between fans from both Birmingham City and Barnsley as to whether Barnsley FC made enough effort to get the game on or just underestimated how the weather would affect the pitch at Oakwell Stadium.

A club statement said:  “Unfortunately the excessive minus temperatures last night has left the pitch slightly hard in some areas.”

But conflicting reports are doing the rounds on message boards that Barnsley failed both sets of fans by not using the under soil heating to the best of its capabilities .

Some are saying that it was more a case of penny pinching and human error or even a story about the system being broken and not even used which if true really does need an FA investigation simply because of the amount of people who had made the journey north from the Midlands and the money they have laid out to get there and are now out of pocket thanks to a wasted journey.

Now i know under soil heating is not the norm for football league teams but surely if it is available the FA should make it a rule that it is used and working at all costs so to avoid the big backing up of games for many clubs.

The least both sets of fans deserve is a answer as to what went wrong I don’t buy into this that the pitch is still frozen in the shaded areas because under soil heating is equal all over the pitch and for me this statement only goes to back up the theories that it wasn’t used or wasn’t used to its best to enable the game to go ahead .

Some comments from Barnsley and Birmingham Message boards

Carts & I were told it was broken while on pitch Tom Ross Facebook

Oddly I live about 2 mile from oakwell and there is a football pitch at back of my house this pitch is not frozen can’t beleive this game is off maybe I should give club a ring and invite them round it is a public area .–Barnsley Footymad

I think we are due a more detailed statement later from The Don, as to why the under soil heating has let us down, or was it human error.
A beautiful day like today and now I’ve got to go to Meadowhell, Damn Pitch – Barsnley Footymad

Baffling how a pitch can be deemed unsafe when it has undersoil heating. Farcical.–BCFC official

Why on earth was a pitch inspection not done last night or this morning if that was the case!!!!!! — Birminghamcityforum

(Goal mouth view of frozen area)

These are all reasons why the FA need to look into this and Barnsley show some respect to the paying public by telling the truth


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