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by Errol Baxter (Member of

When two of England’s finest teams took to the pitch today all the talk was whether Liverpool’s Luis Suarez would shake Manchester United’s Patrice Evra’s hand in the pre match build up. The Inevitable happened as Luis Suarez once again proved he simply doesn’t respect either Football Club by not shaking Evra’s hand. The FA will surely take action regarding Suarez’s behaviour. The Pre match handshake has been nothing shorter than a headache for footballing top brass, with the actual handshake abandoned during the Chelsea vs QPR match last weekend because of the John Terry and Anton Ferdinand events. After the Match Alex Ferguson called Suarez a disgrace and he should never play for Liverpool again.

Patrice Evra milked it at the end and even walked across Suarez’s path as he celebrated with the United fans. Referee Phil Dowd pulled Evra away but finally all players left the pitch to the sounds of the United fans celebrating, despite a Luis Suarez goal towards the end.

Through it all though the match pulsated with the heat of a local derby as a fired up Manchester United came out in the 2nd half and simply destroyed Liverpool. Football was the winner as Rooney was on hand to get football back on the agenda, volleying in the opener on 47 minutes before slotting past Pepe Reina for a second moments later.

Final Score from Old Trafford

Manchester United 2 Liverpool 1


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