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Blues pair sent off to Sunderland!!

It’s reported that Blues have sold Gardner because they are unable to reduce his wages following relegation, as he had a clause in his contract keeping him on £20,000-a-week.

So the clear out of Birmingham City’s assets has begun and only time will tell if more players walk through the exit door at St Andrews.

Scott Dann, Roger Johnson, Ben foster, Cameron Jerome, Liam Ridgewell and Nikola Zigic have all been subjects of newspaper reports, with numerous clubs having supposedly made inquires.  There is a strong possibility they will leave  to continue their playing careers in the Premiership, or in Nikola Zigic’s case an equivalent league. I am sure that other players like Barry Ferguson and James McFadden will also be subject to the same reports sometime before the transfer window closes.

Birmingham fans will be reading whatever they want into the above and try and work out who is to blame, which version of every story is correct, is it the players, the club, or the agents that are holding the exit door open. But when the dust settles and everyone’s emotions move on what sort of side will Blues fans be looking at?

Chris Hughton would have been made aware of what the situation was before he accepted the position at Birmingham. The fact he still took on the job must give Blues fans a glimmer of hope in these turbulent times. Of course, the club seem to find themselves in these sort of dramas every few years or so.

So what can Blues supporters expect? That’s the big question.

Well lets read what Chris and the club said on the clubs website.


Chris Hughton says he is determined to get to work on building a new squad as quickly as possible.

But the Blues boss admits he may need to move certain players on ahead of the 2011/12 campaign, because of the financial realities of life in the Championship.

However, Hughton is up for the challenge of constructing a squad that is fit for purpose and is keen to bring in players that have the ‘pride’ and ‘desire’ to play at St. Andrew’s.

“The job I’ve got is to put a squad together that is capable of gaining promotion,” he said.

“And rebuilding it in a short time frame is my number one priority.

“But the important thing to me is that we have a squad and a team that is good enough to really compete.

“It will be a tough division because there are a lot of quality teams and we have to make sure we’re able to compete with them.

“There’s always pressure on the manager to achieve and one thing I have said is that I’ve come here for a challenge and I want a group of players that are also going to be up for that challenge. It’s the only way to be.

“We have to look for those players who have ambitions to be the best.

“What I want come the end of this window is to have a team that will have pride in playing here and the same desire that I have to do well.”

Peter Pannu and Chris Hughton
Peter Pannu and Chris Hughton

Hughton has already had extremely constructive meetings with club’s Acting Chairman Peter Pannu, as they work together on what needs to be done to keep taking the club forward.

He added: “I’ve had very good meetings and what I am aware of is that as a consequence of relegation there is a financial side that has to be balanced.

“We also have some very, very good players who have shown a desire to remain as Premier League players.

“These are the things that certainly I’ll be addressing.

“My job is very much to make sure that the first day of this season I’ve got a team and a squad who have got ambitions and desires to want to get promotion and want to be at the right end of the table.”

Hughton is also hopeful that he can utilise his managerial and footballing contacts to bring in high quality players to Birmingham, including loan recruitments.

Loan players are a big part of the game now and I hope I can use my contacts,” he added.

“I can remember a few seasons ago some loan players that came here and did very well for the club.

“But as with any loan player they’ve got to be capable of playing to a high standard and to cope with playing at a club of this stature.

“Of course I have to look at all the options open to me.”

Well some of the answers are there for all to see. The club and manager have effectively already told Birmingham fans what could happen.

Players that aren’t driven by keeping their Premier League wages even though they failed and resulted in their own wage cut and league position will probably move-on. Finally Loan/Bosman players that will help keep the cost down

Two thing are certain and one is Chris Hughton has one hell of a baptism of fire at the Blues, and the second is Birmingham supporters will always Keep Right On and show why they are the best fans in the world.




   By ESONEULB (Member of birminghamcityforum.co.uk).


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