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On the 11th February I interviewed a future star of Birmingham City, Nathan Redmond. I think we could be seeing a bit more of the young lad this season, so I thought I’d share the interview with everyone that was in the Forum, and give you a taste of what you can expect from this hot prospect.

1. At 16 years and 173 days you became Blues’ second youngest player behind Trevor Francis. Please tell us how it felt and how did you feel about the crowd’s reaction?

NR: Before coming on I felt nervous as to how they would react to me. But once I had my first little touches on the ball and first shot, it just felt natural and all my fears left me. I was very pleased with the crowd’s reaction and how they made me feel more comfortable when playing on the pitch.

2. Alex McLeish after the game said of you;
“He set it alight. I know we never had a full house, but the fans that were there warmed to him. His performance was very bright, quick, he got a couple of shots away. And it excited me. It was a really bright spark for us. Has he got a big future? It looks like it. He’s electric. He’s a right-winger but he showed his versatility coming in off the left and going in and hitting shots. He was a handful for Rochdale. It was good to see somebody with a little bit of pace going by defenders”
How does that quote make you feel?

NR: Makes me feel like the manager does have more confidence in me and hopefully I’m in his thoughts for the upcoming season and plans. I’m glad to have made an impression on him as well as the fans, because it then lifts a bit of pressure off my shoulders.

3. I know you were disappointed about the Burton Albion loan move breaking down. Why did this happen and how did you find out?

NR: It’s simple really. Because I’m only a first year scholarship player I can’t go on loan. But once I sign my professional contract (Ed: He’s now signed it, phew) I can then go on loan. The football league were just checking over the rules and saw that I was a first year and the rule states that I have to be a second year scholarship player or a pro; so that’s it really.

4. You’ve played for England U16 and U17‘s… What’s been the highlight of your England career so far?

NR: Just putting on the shirt really! Playing, scoring, setting up goals and going past people was a bonus. Just to have been selected to be in the squads and keep myself there was the bonus, so I’m happy that I’m still in and around the team. Also getting to meet other lads from other teams, they’ve become good friends.

5. There are lots of young lads who dream about becoming a professional player. What advice would you give the kids that would read this?

NR: Advice? Ha, erm just never give up and just keep practising! Keep doing the things your good at but then look at the things you’re not good at. Make sure that you enjoy playing the game too, because that’s vitally important. Also if you can, just do the things that you don’t get congratulated for, like say you go into the training ground on a rest day and practice your shooting or crossing but nobody knows. It will give you extra credit because then everyone will wonder where you have learnt these extra things. Don’t ever give up and listen to the advice you’re given by your parents and coaches, even if you think they are wrong it all helps in the end.

6. So what does the future hold for Nathan Redmond? Also what is on your most wanted list as a player?

NR: Just to keep playing well and training well in front of the first team staff and hopefully becoming a success for the club. I want to get myself a few first team appearances under my belt too! My most wanted list would be to start a first team fixture at Premier League or cup level, or hopefully get myself some experience on loan for a month or 2.

7.  All players seem to have a plan after their career is over and if they don’t – they should do. What do you think you will be doing once you hang up your boots?

NR: Still being involved in football would be great if I could, maybe as a coach or scout. But if not I’d have to try to invest in a few businesses and arts. Because arts like Drama, Music & Art Galleries are another passion of mine outside of football. Some players like golf or doing other things whereas I enjoy watching films and writing music and stuff like that; so that could possibly be an option. I got my Btec Diploma with double distinctions in Performing Arts… so acting could be another venture… who knows?!

8. Which footballer did you like the most when you were growing up? Also who do you see yourself like in the modern game? If you could be any player in the world who would you be?

NR: As a kid I never really watched players but if there was anyone who used to catch my eye all the time it would have been Thierry Henry & Ian Wright… 2 Class forward players! In the modern game I see myself a bit like Aaron Lennon or Ashley Young, as I’m quick, can go past people, link up with people, put crosses in the box and score goals. Also like Ashley Young I’ve started to play a little off the striker where I pick the ball up in difficult holes and make chances out of them by hurting the opposition’s defence! If I could be any player in the world I would probably say someone like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo; but honestly I would be Aaron Lennon because he is a class winger!

9.What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you play computer games, if so on what and what are your favorite games? Do you play online?

NR: In my spare time I like to write music about things that go on around me with my friend who is a very talented music writer and producer. I do play a little computer games, haha – to be honest FIFA doesn’t come out of my Xbox. Yes I do play on-line but not that much I’m usually just playing my mates at one of our houses and stuff like that.

10. Ok, most players love practical jokes. Have you ever played one on another player or has one been played on you? What is the best practical joke you have ever seen or heard about?

NR: I can’t remember a practical joke being played on me or one really being played on one of the lads. We cant mess around at the training ground although there are a few jokers there. I do remember the day Gardner came to the club and someone had put a chair and a bag outside with a sign on it saying “Gardner’s changing area”! Something to do with him being ex-Villa smile.gif

Quick Fire Round

11. Favourite Food?


12. Favourite Car?

Mini Cooper S, All Black

13. Favourite movie star?

Kat Williams/Will Farrell

14. Favourite place you have been?


15. Favourite place you want to visit?

America or Greece

16. Favourite Music?


17. Favourite Film?

Too many to mention although “BIG” with Tom Hanks is near the top

18. Favourite Blues player?

Scott Dann

19. Favourite TV show?

Skins/Shameless/Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!

20. Favourite fashion label?

I Have Too Many…Literally!!

That’s it mate you can relax now…  wink.gif

Thanks for your time, Nathan Daniel-Jerome Redmond.x

All the thanks are from us for taking the time to be our first ever interviewee. Myself and every Bluenose on the Birmingham City Fans Forum wish you all the best with your football career and especially as a Blues player. We can’t wait to see more of you in a Blues shirt. newbham.gif 

A Special thanks from me to Michelle Jane Redmond who made this interview posible..Thank yousmile.gif xxx



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