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  By ESONEULB (Member of

Wow, what a time to start writing and talking about all things Birmingham City.

So where do we start?

Well let’s start by saying what I feel is the real view of Bluenoses about the team we love and hate so much, (yes it’s a love-hate relationship for most of us, if not all).

Born a Bluenose – Die a Bluenose, and if you’re lucky or unlucky (depending on your mood) then being part of this family is a badge of honour for us all.

This past season we have seen highs and lows again, with our first trophy in 48 years after beating Arsenal 2-1 in the League Cup Final and then quickly followed by relegation back to the Championship. This relegation has given Blues another record as seen in the promotion and relegation table below.

English Top Flight Relegation & Promotion Table

Then the manager  resigns and takes a job with our fierce rivals from the suburb (the city is ours and always will be if you are reading this by the way).

The switch has caused all sorts of problems with both clubs, but most of the anger has come from the suburb rather than from the City.

So why all the anger from the village? Is it because Alex McLeish was a manager at Birmingham City? Yes that is partly the answer for most supporters in pink and baby blue.

But the educated of them – and I use this term very loosely – will have listened to the moaning and groaning coming out of St Andrew’s about 4-5-1 and some of the most boring, negative football Bluenoses have seen since Steve Bruce was in charge.

We thought Steve Bruce bored us and it couldn’t get any more tedious, but Alex – you managed to surpass Steve in that department. The same football and end result will now be served up in Villa Park and that could be why they’re so angry (and to be honest why most Bluenose’s are relatively happy).

I better also clear this up for the press and other media personnel. Every time during this last season I heard you say we had “a good season” and “Birmingham fans should be happy,blah blah blah”. Well all it tells us is that you never watched Blues play in the flesh and can only have made your report from the highlights shows. If you actually watched the whole game you could probably produce accurate opinions on what we, the fans have been watching and how we actually feel as fans. You know, like the reports that you do about the clubs you support and actually know what is happening at, rather than just guessing. Got my drift?… Good

Rant over but I do feel better for that 🙂

We  also qualified for the Europa League and thanks to Manchester City beating Stoke in the FA Cup final, Blues moved forward a qualifying stage and only have to beat one team – home and away – to reach the group stages.

We have also been seeded and on the 5th August at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon Switzerland, we’ll finally find out where we’ll be having our European party (and you better believe it, we will be having a party).

We know the dates and we know we will be playing away first on the 18th August, followed by the home tie a week later on the 25th August. Whoever we get and whatever the result will be, I’m certain we’ll enjoy our personal Bluenose day in the sun.

Finally, and with great pleasure Birmingham City have announced Chris Hughton as the man that will be leading Blues into Europe and on their next set of highs and lows, joys and sorrows.

Welcome aboard our roller coaster, Chris Hughton.

Keep Right On


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